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12-slot Dual-Controller

Powerful core storage functions, including mature data protection, simplified RAID hierarchy, data migration service, and multi-protocol connection, which provide outstanding performance with low costs

RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50 or EC (Erasure coding), any RAID level combination is available in an array

Support 12G SAS and enclosure, which enables the flexible configuration according to speed and capacit

Suitable for most of IT scenarios, support multiple network modes and OS systems

Integrated data protection, integrate with common application environments like Microsoft and VMware, simplified the construction of virtualized data center

Integrated in-band and out-band centralized management

The host supports multi-protocol connection options

Front end IO supports 10 Gbps RJ45 interface, 10 Gbps fiber optic interface, 16GbFC interface, 12GbSAS interface, or the mixture of 10 Gbps fiber optic interface and 16GbFC interface

Local data protection, up to 1024 continuous snapshots

Remote data protection, asynchronous replication of data storage

Playback manager: The consistency of snapshots ensures the integrity of VMware, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Hyper?V data

Automated RAID hierarchy function improves performance

Up to 264 drives are supported for DS-AD82012D-ODL

Up to 3 levels of the automatic hierarchical data

Support volume copy, which copies the whole independent volume

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  • Controller
  • ProcessorIntel? Broadwell-DE
  • Cache8 GB, BBU
  • Network Interface8 ? 10 Gbps fiber optic interface
  • Array Channel12 ? 12Gb SAS 3.5? (7 at least)
  • Max. Storage Space3.1 PB
  • Max. Disk Number264
  • EnclosureMultilevel
  • Server Operation System8 ? 10 Gbps RJ45 interface, or 8 ? 10 Gbps fiber optic interface, or 8 ? 16GbFC interface, or 8 ? 12GbSAS interface, or the mixture of 4 ? 10 Gbps fiber optic interface and 4 ? 16GbFC interface
  • Network ExchangeMicrosoft Windows Server, SLES, VMware, Citrix, XenServer, Red Hat
  • Power SupplyRedundant power supply (1+1)
  • Management MethodGUI based on web, in-band and out-band, support the unified management of multiple devices
  • Management SoftwareWeb broswer and client software
  • General
  • Dimension (W ? D ? H)483 ? 88 ? 603 mm (19.0 ? 3.5 ? 23.7 inch), standard 2U chassis
  • Weight (Maximum Capacity)32 kg (70.5 lb)
  • Consumption (without HDD)? 580 W
  • Temperature

    Working temperature: 10 ?C to 35 ?C (50 ?F to 95 ?F)

    Storing temperature: -20 ?C to 65 ?C (-4 ?F to 149 ?F)

  • Humidity

    Working humidity: 20% to 80% RH (non-freezing, non-condensing)

    Storing humidity: 5% to 90% RH (non-freezing, non-condensing)






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