What is the best CCTV Camera for home use?

CCTVPK Pakistan provides the best range of CCTV Cameras in Pakistan for residential and commercial purposes. We offer different range in CCTV Cameras like (HD, IP and WIFI) according to premises need and requirement.

Our technicians are familiar with all kinds of CCTV Cameras and they provide complete consultancy to the client before installation. If you have owned a house and want to protect it with CCTV Cameras, you can contact us and our team visit you and give you a complete proposal. We give you detail that which camera will be located in different places according to the requirement because CCTV Camera should be fixed as per place to best working like we can’t fix dome camera outdoor because it’s made for indoor so every camera has its own place.

Following are the types of CCTV Camera and their best used in the home:

HD Analogue Cameras

HD Analogue CCTV Cameras are the most demanding cameras as they are fixed one time and connect with DVR so can check to record or live view through mobile. But these cameras should be fixed very carefully for example if you want a camera in the garage which area is 40mtr so install a CCTV Camera there which IR is almost 30mtr then it will be able to give you the clear and sharp result. If we talk about the inside of the house then a 2MP camera is enough for a TV Lounge or drawing room and balcony. For the kitchen and stairs, 1MP CCTV Camera will be enough for coverage. Moreover, there are bullet and dome cameras also bullet cameras for outdoor use because they are weatherproof and waterproof and dome cameras use indoors as per its manufacturing. HD CCTV Cameras price in Pakistan Islamabad is also very cheap.

Wireless CCTV Camera

Till when living becomes expensive, both parents work to earn and fulfill their needs. In this scenario, they have to leave children at home alone or with a babysitter who can look after them. But in this scenario, a lot of cases of child abuse, kidnapping and make children drug addicts occurred. Moreover, baby sitter doesn’t take care of children as well don’t provide food on time hit the children and also harassed them. To get rid of all these CCTV Cameras are best to protect children and watch them lively even on mobile. Now even single WIFI CCTV Camera introduce for this purpose which is not a fixed camera you can move it anywhere. WIFI CCTV Camera has the option to plug and play it has also a mobile app you can connect it with your mobile and operate it through mobile. It also has the option of two-way communication that you not only watch your children but also communicate with them. This WIFI CCTV Camera price in Pakistan is also very economical.

What is the best CCTV Camera for home use? CCTV PK

IP CCTV Camera

IP cameras boast sharper, higher resolution images and more flexible features like remote zoom and repositioning. They also give you the option to view footage on a web browser. This makes it possible to receive notifications regarding anything peculiar your camera records such as movement inside your business at 3:00 am and views it lives from anywhere via a computer or smartphone. The major drawback of IP cameras is their higher price tag. IP CCTV Cameras installation in Islamabad also in demand and IP Dahua Camera price in Pakistan is in demand.


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